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AJYELN Laos Fellows Promotes Fun and Learning about the Environment through on Online Game to Primary Students of Pathana School

Figure 1. AJYELN Lao Fellows and participants join the Kahoot quiz. 

Key takeaways

Making environmental awareness fun

Participants gained a deeper understanding of environmental issues, including topics such as conservation, climate change, and sustainability. The engaging and innovative aspect of the online quiz generated high levels of engagement and active participation among the primary student participants.

The AJYELN Laos Fellows has been actively engaging the student community in Pathana School through a series of engaging activities as part of their months-long environmental campaign. Finishing the 5-part series of environmental activities is the Kahoot quiz, an online game consisting of questions about the environment held in October 2. The quiz was designed to test and enhance the participants knowledge about the environment, conservation, and sustainability.

Thirty-six (36) primary students from 18 classes joined the online game. The students need to log onto the Kahoot website from a laptop or mobile phone in order to join, and they have to answer the questions correctly and as fast as possible in order to win. The online nature of the quiz was very engaging for the students, and at the end, three students won. The top three performers received recognition and prizes, creating a sense of accomplishment and encouraging continued interest in environmental topics. This element added an extra layer of excitement and motivation for participants to engage actively in the quiz.

Figure 4. The question in Kahoot quiz (written in Lao). 

Th AJYELN Laos Fellows successfully organized the event, which not only provided an enjoyable learning experience for participants but also fostered a stronger sense of environmental responsibility. This event serves as an illustration of how modest efforts can significantly increase awareness of environmental issues and motivate participation. It is clear that these activities are essential for educating people and encouraging environmental care. 

Figure 5. AJYELN Lao Fellows and participants focusing in the Kahoot quiz. 
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