Group visit program

Let’s learn about ASEAN at the ASEAN-Japan Centre!

Why not visit the ASEAN-Japan Centre as a first step to learn more about neighboring Asian countries?

The ASEAN-Japan Centre welcomes junior high and high school students on school excursions to Tokyo, as well as various organizations and companies, and provides them with opportunities to learn about ASEAN countries, ASEAN-Japan relations, and the AJC’s activities free of charge. We also offer online programs and in English upon request.

Click here to view the Group Visit Acceptance Program flyer. (JP only)

Content of Onsite/Online Programs

Acceptance of group visits
Acceptance of group visits
Acceptance of group visits

[ Time required: about 1 hour ]

Explanation of ASEAN countries and the AJC’s activities by AJC staff members(30 minutes)
  • What is ASEAN?
  • History of Exchange between Japan and the ASEAN Region
  • Introduction of the ASEAN Member States
  • Introduction of the objectives and activities of the ASEAN-Japan Centre, etc.

Q&A session/interaction with AJC staff members from ASEAN countries (30 minutes)
This is also an opportunity to practice international exchange and English conversation.

How to apply

Please be sure to read [About Group Visits Program] before applying.
You can apply through the web application form or the application form.

WEB Application Form

(You can also check availability here)

Application for Visit

Microsoft Word Adobe PDF

Please download and fill out one of these forms and send
it to the following e-mail address or fax number.
FAX: 03-5402-8009


Is there a cost to apply for and participate in the program?
There is no fee to participate. There is no charge.
When can I visit?
Weekdays from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm (earliest start is 9:30 am, later start is 4:00 pm)
Do I need to be accompanied by a tour leader?
Students alone are welcome to visit.
How many people do you accept visits from?
The minimum number of applicants is 5 (we can accept a maximum of about 150)
How do I request a visit?
Please apply using the web application form or the on-site application form.
When do I need to apply by?
Please apply at least 3 days prior to the scheduled visit.

Contact Us

For inquiries about the Group Visit Acceptance Program,
please use the contact form or write to.

contact form

(Not an application form)

AJC Group Visit Manager
TEL: 03-5402-8008
FAX: 03-5402-8009