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AJYELN Lao PDR Fellows Launch the Green Observer Volunteer Initiative

Figure 1. AJYELN Lao Fellows and Members of the Green Observer Volunteer Initiative pose with students during their campaign. 

Key points

Raising environmentally-conscious and passionate Green Observers one classroom at a time

The 54 Green Observers became actively engaged in environmental efforts in the school, which could hopefully become their long-term commitment to contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable school environment.

Following the success of the plastic separation awareness campaign held last September 6 which saw the participation of 312 secondary students of Pathana School, the four AJYELN Lao fellows carried on their planned activities to keep the momentum going among their peers.

Figure 2. Some members of the Green Observers. 

The Green Observer Volunteer Initiative was organized to raise environmental awareness and promote sustainable waste management practices by recruiting volunteers who will become champions of plastic segregation among their classes. The initiative engaged 54 participants from 18 different classes. 

Figure 3. AJYELN Lao Fellows mark the classrooms participating in the Green Observer Volunteer Initiative. 

Noting that behavioral change begins with individuals who will consistently practice plastic segregation in the classroom, the Green Observer Volunteer Initiative engaged 54 volunteers, called “Green Observers” who actively monitored and performed waste management practices in the school. The Green Observers are characterized by their enthusiasm for the environmental conservation.

Figure 4. Green Observers filling the designated color bins with properly segregated garbage trash. 

To support the initiative, the AJYELN Lao team provided and installed color-coded bins in every classroom. These bins were designated for different types of waste, such as recyclables, organics, and general waste. The Green Observers were tasked with overseeing the correct disposal of waste in the color bins within their respective classrooms. This included regularly inspecting the bins, ensuring proper sorting, and helping their peers make informed decisions about waste disposal. They were also required to submit weekly reports, documenting the state of waste management in their classrooms. These reports were a crucial element of the initiative, providing insights and data to assess the effectiveness of the program.


Improved Waste Separation

The introduction of color-coded bins and the active involvement of volunteers significantly improved waste separation within the school, reducing contamination and increasing the efficiency of recycling efforts.

Enhanced Environmental Awareness

The initiative raised environmental awareness among the student body, promoting a sense of responsibility for proper waste management.

Through the Green Observer Volunteer Initiative, the AJYELN Lao team successfully showcased the power of proactive environmental stewardship within a school community. In addition to enhancing garbage separation, the program raised environmental awareness and encouraged a sense of accountability among the participants. For schools and other schools in Lao PDR that aim to improve their waste management procedures and foster environmental responsibility, this program presents a good example.

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