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AJYELN Laos Fellows Promotes Creativity and Environmental Awareness among Primary Students in a Drawing Contest in Pathana School

Figure 1. Two of the top winning drawings. 

Key takeaways

Nurturing creative expression among primary students

The drawing contest successfully encouraged creative expression among the young participants, enabling them to convey their ideas, dreams, and concerns about the environment through art.

Activating environmental imaginations

By prompting the students to consider their ideal environment, the event fostered environmental awareness and encouraged critical thinking about what constitutes a better world.

Recognizing young artistic talents

The contest recognized and celebrated the artistic talents and efforts of the young individuals. 

Sixty (60) primary students joined the drawing contest organized by AJYELN Laos Fellows last September in Pathana School, Vientiane. The theme of the contest focused on drawing their ideal vision of the environment, and five winning drawings were selected that best reflect their visual ideas. This encouraged them to think deeply about the elements that contribute to a better environment. To add an element of friendly competition, prizes were awarded to the top three participants, acknowledging their artistic efforts and vision.

The contest is the third activity in a series of campaigns and activities being conducted by the AJYELN Laos Fellows to promote environmental awareness of the harmful effects of plastic trash to primary and secondary students in Pathana School, where the fellows study. The fellows see the contest as a way to bring out the creativity and imagination of the young students while instilling in them environmental consciousness.

Figure 2. Participating students discussing ideas and drawing for the contest.
Figure 3. Five out of 60 participants were selected and awarded as winners.

The imagining our ideal environment drawing contest hosted by the AJYELN Laos Fellows was a remarkable and imaginative initiative that not only encouraged artistic expression but also promoted environmental awareness and consciousness among the young participants. The event was a testament to the power of creativity in fostering a deeper appreciation for our environment and inspiring positive change. By recognizing and celebrating artistic talents, the event left a lasting impact on the school community, encouraging a sense of responsibility for shaping the future of our environment.

Figure 4. The students and their teacher featuring the finished drawings.
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