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AJYELN Brunei Fellows, Eco Warrior Guide Launched a Series of Games and Competitions to Promote Plastic Pollution Awareness and Environmental Sustainability in Brunei

Report by AJYELN Brunei Fellows 

Key takeaways

Increasing awareness and making impact through consistency

The AJYELN Brunei fellows have been implementing a months-long plastic waste awareness movement by conducting a school-wide series of campaigns beginning in August to December 2023. By starting on small but consistent environmental awareness activities in the school, the fellows were able to engage both students and teachers in increasing their knowledge about the plastic pollution problem and inspiring change in their daily lives.  

Figure 1. The AJYELN Brunei fellows together with the winner of the Trash to Treasure Exhibition featuring the artworks of students depicting ways to transform plastic wastes into different items.  

As part of the fellows’ months-long series of activities to raise awareness among the students of Ma’had Islam Brunei in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam, several booth games were organized that targeted the students in their school. 

On September 30, the Eco Warrior Guide conducted mini booth games for students to increase their awareness regarding plastic pollution. The games encouraged the students to play any game, and in order to win, they must have correct answer to questions about plastic pollution. Once they answered correctly, they received prizes.  

Figure 2. Students participate in the booth games.  

The booth games related to plastic pollution aimed to engage the school community through fun and interactive games that capture their attention and interest about the fellows’ environmental cause. During the event, our team observed that the participants were very much engaged in the games and their interactions allowed them to learn how plastic waste impacts our daily lives. Using recycled plastic bottles as materials for the game also reinforced the recyclability of plastic and the many ways that it can be repurposed.  

Finally, the final Grand Booth was organized on November 30. Despite a hectic week at our school, we carefully planned and executed the booth, featuring three captivating games using items created from plastic bottles collected from the wire mesh constructed a few months prior. Game winners had the chance to enter a lucky draw quiz on plastic pollution, earning rewards for correct answers. The event served as an opportunity to raise awareness about the impact of plastic pollution.  

Figure 3. Students and teachers alike enjoy participating in the Grand Booth games.   

Additionally, prizes were awarded to winners of the previously Poster Palooza, Plastic-free Production, and Trash to Treasure competitions that we hosted, showcasing the team’s dedicated efforts in ensuring the success of this educational initiative. 

In conclusion, Eco Warriors Guide creation of a booth filled with mini games and exhibition  proved to be a success. It was not only a fulfilling project of our team but also served as an  inspiring initiative to raise awareness about plastic pollution among our community through  games and quizzes and also informative exhibition. 

Figure 4. Winners of the Poster Palooza. 
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