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Eco Warriors Guide Launch an Awareness Campaign on Plastic Pollution

AJYELN Brunei Fellows “Eco Warrior Guide Group” Launch an Awareness Campaign on Plastic Pollution among 370 elementary and secondary students in Ma’had Islam Brunei

Reported by Nur Alyaa Hafezah binti Rizal, Auni binti Ahmad Aidil Aliyusah, Nurafiqah Musfirah Binti Huzaimi, Nurul Afiqah binti Hasnan (AJYELN Brunei Fellows)


  • Students gained a better understanding of microplastics and its harmful effects through the lecture conducted by the AJYELN fellows. The program emphasized awareness about how plastic pollution harms the environment, leaving students more informed. 
  • Students gained a better understanding of microplastics and its harmful effects through the lecture conducted by the AJYELN fellows. The program emphasized awareness about how plastic pollution harms the environment, leaving students more informed. 
Figure 1. 370 students and teachers participated in the Plastic Awareness Campaign programme. 
  • Changing behaviors and learning alternative solutions to the use of plastic products: Students also realized that their daily activities, like not recycling at school, can contribute significantly to plastic pollution. The program introduced students to practical ways to tackle plastic pollution, equipping them with valuable solutions. 


The awareness campaign on plastic pollution took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 9, 2023, within the tranquil confines of our school’s prayer hall. The event unfolded from 2:20 PM to 3:20 PM, serving as a gathering ground for a diverse audience including 370 teachers and students from various levels – elementary (years 5 and 6), lower secondary (years 7 and 8), and upper secondary schools (Years 9-10). The objective was to shed light on the consequences that plastic pollution has wrought upon our planet, particularly its oceans, and concurrently to present viable solutions to counteract this burgeoning crisis. The resounding goal was to foster a sense of responsibility and encourage proactive participation in curbing plastic pollution. 

Figure 2. Welcoming speech from Dr. Katrina Navallo, program manager of the AJYELN Program at the ASEAN-Japan Centre. 

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Dr. Katrina Navallo, Program Manager of ASEAN-Japan Centre and delivered an insightful opening speech, elucidating the essence of AJYELN.

Following this, the program was passed to the Eco Warrior Guide group, who orchestrated a series of planned activities. Commencing with concise yet comprehensive introductions to the nature of plastic, they transitioned into a profound exploration of its deleterious impact on the environment. This exposition was complemented by a presentation of pragmatic and actionable solutions, strategically formulated to address the escalating concerns of plastic pollution.

Figure 3. Presentation by one of the members of the Eco Warrior Guide group. 

To augment the engagement of the event, the groups curated an enlightening video content that harmonized with the overarching theme of plastic pollution. Elevating the interactive dimension, thought-provoking quizzes were integrated into the program, designed not only to foster participation but also to incentivize learning through enticing rewards. 

As the event progressed towards its culmination, an engaging and spirited competition was introduced. This competition exhibited a harmonious synergy with the diverse array of projects that were conceived with the primary objective of enhancing awareness regarding plastic pollution. The competition includes the following 3 activities and the target participants: 

NoTitleYearSubmission Date
1Poster Palooza!5-67 Sep 2023
2Plastic-Free Production7-814 Sep 2023
3Trash to Treasure9-1021 Sep 2023

Through the program, we noted that:  

  1. Students gave their full attention towards the presentation and very active in responding thoughtfully to questions regarding the definition of plastic and vice versa.  
  1. Students actively gave their own perspective and point of view related to the problem and issue that was being discussed. 
  2. Students willingly and eagerly participated during the quiz session, showing that they grasped the questions and raised their knowledge of the plastic issue.

Figure 4. A student participant happily received the prize for answering the quiz correctly. 

From the surveys that we’ve assigned for the students, pre and post program, we’ve seen a huge difference of the answers from before and after the program. They’ve given a more informed answer, even using the examples that we presented. From the pre-survey, “Do you know what plastic is used for?”, many students gave short answers such as “Yes” or “Maybe”. In the post-survey, they elaborated their answers by listing the uses of plastic. It was really a relief to see that our program did, in fact, help students to get a clearer understanding of the marine plastic pollution. Below are graphs showing the changes in the responses of the students in the pre- and post-event surveys. 

Comparison of students’ answers in the pre- and post-event survey 

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