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AJYELN Brunei fellows create the “Trashformer” and Other Activities to Encourage Plastic Segregation in Ma’had Islam Brunei

Report by AJYELN Brunei Fellows “Eco Warrior Guide” 

Key takeaways

Effective learning through practical experience

By allowing the students of Ma’had Islam Brunei to collect plastic bottles through the Trashformer, they were able to realize the volume of plastic bottles they use and discard in their daily lives leading to an awareness of their behaviors. 

After the successful beach cleaning campaign in the early morning of August 26, the Eco Warrior Guide, or AJYELN Brunei fellows continue the series of plastic waste-awareness raising activities with the “Trashformer”.  

Trashformer is a giant plastic trash bin meant to collect discarded plastic bottles as part of the plastic waste awareness drive that the fellows are organizing in their school, Ma’had Islam Brunei. The fellows organized the campaign among the students in their school to dispose of all discarded plastic bottles in the Trashformer. By October, the collected plastic bottles will then be used as material for creating artworks and crafts which will be displayed and exhibited in the school.

The idea behind the Trashformer is to encourage students to separate plastic bottles from other plastic wastes in the school, and in the long run, to continue engaging the school community in practicing proper waste disposal and plastic segregation. 

Figure 1. Members of the Eco Warrior Guide construct the structure of the Trashformer. 
Figure 2. Showing the finished Trashformer, when will begin to collect discarded plastic bottles in their school.

“Designing School‘s Gate” aimed to expose students to environmental care in addition to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their school surroundings. Using the recycled plastic bottles as materials, they aimed to create a visually striking and eco-friendly awareness of plastic waste for students. The fellows conducted this activity on October 9 with the help of 18 students and 1 teacher.

Figure 3. The AJYELN Brunei fellows and 18 student participants working together to craft the installation from the collected plastic bottles through the Trashformer. 

Through this activity, the fellows and student participants utilized their creative energies in converting used plastic bottles into a work of art, and masterfully repurposing plastic waste materials into a practical and visually impactful craft. It also instilled a sense of accountability among the student volunteers who are committed to improving their environment. The activity also proved to be a valuable and practical educational activity for the students who joined, as well as it fostered teamwork to create the final piece.

Figure 4. Installation of the design in the school gate.  

After the design was completed, students, visitors and passersby were drawn to the gate design, and hopefully impressed them with the prevalence of plastic waste in their daily lives. The utilization of recycled plastic bottles in the construction of our school gate stands as a powerful symbol of the Eco Warrior Guide unwavering commitment to addressing the pressing issue of plastic pollution. It serves as an inspiration to the school community, demonstrating collective ability to employ creative solutions in tackling significant environmental challenges. 

Figure 5. The installation of crafted recycled plastic bottles in the school gate.  
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