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AJYELN Philippines Fellows, Natura Maharlika Unites Junior High School Student Clubs in Ateneo de Davao University in Davao, Philippines towards an Environmental Cause

Report by: Angeline Tamisin, Natura Maharlika AJYELN Philippines Fellow 

Key findings

Fostering collaboration for wider student engagement

This meeting brought together the eight (8) student clubs in Ateneo de Davao University Junior High School Unit to foster cooperation and increase environmental awareness on the impacts of plastic waste in our environment and daily lives.

On September 27, members of the AJYELN Philippines Fellows, Natura Maharlika, gathered the leaders of various student clubs in their school, Ateneo de Davao University Junior High School (JHS) Unit, towards an environmental cause. Realizing that for the Natura Maharlika project to reach a wider impact, they would need the support of more people, the AJYELN fellows invited 8 student clubs to help implement their environmental project.

Figure 1. The AJYELN Philippines fellows and moderators of the eight student clubs during the orientation meeting. 

The AJYELN fellows sent invitation letters to the different moderators of various clubs from the Academic, Special Skills and Interests, Spiritual, and Socio-Civic clusters prior to the meeting. The letter, entitled “Natura Maharlika Collaboration with Selected Clubs” contains the rationale of the collaborative projects, the roles of the clubs invited, the schedule for Natura Maharlika integration, and the expected impacts of the project. Depending on their advocacy and interest, some clubs are invited to join the Clean-up Drive, some to join the Crafting, and some are invited to do both.

The speaker for the event was Angeline Tamisin, the project leader of Natura Maharlika. The fellows and club moderators went through the document, and the project proposal, and gave time for the teachers to ask and suggest activities or changes that we will do. All of them were active and engaged and helped the fellows determine the final details of the project that would be of benefit to the club’s schedule as well. As the commitment for the project implementation requires at least a month, the clubs willingly expressed support to provide volunteers and actively promote the Natura Maharlika projects to their constituents.

Through this unit-wide partnership with other clubs in their school, the AJYELN Philippines fellows hope to further the engagement with more students in their school, and foster collaboration with like-minded organizations to work together for a common cause.

For more updates on their activities, please follow the Natura Maharlika Instagram page for real-time updates.

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