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2023 AJYELN Fellows: Davao, Philippines

Project title: Natura Maharlika “Nature Warrior”

Meet the Team


Ateneo de Davao University Junior High School
Supervised by Sharon Imperial and Shane Alfaro

About the Team

The Natura Maharlika team consists of 4 fellows from the Ateneo de Davao University JHS Student Council formed by Ecoteneo. Namely Angeline Tamisin, Cathrina Abella, Kenji Sai, and Gabriela Corpuz.

They brainstormed their project this summer of May 2023 during their council training program. Natura Maharlika is designed to alleviate the problem of Plastic Pollution in urban areas by turning plastics into school and daily life essentials. This project aims to educate students about the importance of proper segregation, the effects of plastic pollution, and how to transform plastics into usable materials. Our direction is towards building a zero-waste community.

Social Media

Instagram: @naturamaharlika.2324
Facebook: @naturamaharlika

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