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AJYELN Indonesia Fellows and Green Warriors Organized a Clean-Up and Environmental Awareness Activity During a Soccer Tournament in Kabupaten, Gayo Lues in December

Report by AJYELN Indonesia Fellows

Figure 1. Students from Seribu Bukit Public High School working together to collect trash after the tournament.


On December 20, 2023, Green Warriors organized an environmental activity in Kabupaten Gayo Lues during a high school soccer tournament. The event aimed to target the game audience to involve them in a cleanup initiative and raise awareness about the importance of proper waste disposal. The activity took place from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM local time and involved the participation of students from Seribu Bukit Public High School as well as the local community. Green Warriors seized the opportunity presented by the soccer tournament to empower participants and the local community to be more aware about environmental cleanliness. Members of AJYELN Indonesia hope that through this event, we can raise awareness of the importance of proper waste disposal among the community. 

Details of the event

  1. Cleanup Initiative
    The primary goal of the event was to conduct a thorough cleanup of the local environment in Kabupaten Gayo Lues. Participants actively engaged in the removal of litter and waste, contributing to the improvement of the overall cleanliness of the area. The cleanup initiative aimed to create a visible positive change in the immediate surroundings and foster a sense of responsibility among participants. 
  2. Awareness Campaign
    Green Warriors organized informative sessions, discussions, and interactive activities to educate participants and local community members. 
Figure 2. The activity targeted the participating audience in the soccer tournament and encouraged them to do a clean-up campaign after the event.

Observations and findings

  1. Community Engagement
    Observation: Active participation from both students of Seribu Bukit Public High School and local community members was observed.
    Finding: The community’s willingness to engage in environmental initiatives indicates a positive attitude toward environmental stewardship. 
  2. Impact on Awareness
    Observation: Increased conversations and discussions among participants regarding waste disposal practices.
    Finding: The event successfully generated a heightened awareness of the significance of proper waste disposal within the community. 
  3. Empowerment Effect
    Observation: Participants and the local community displayed a growing sense of empowerment and responsibility toward maintaining environmental cleanliness.
    Finding: The strategic use of the soccer tournament as a platform for empowerment proved effective in fostering a positive change in mindset. 

Through these three facets of the event, Green Warriors and AJYELN Indonesia aimed not only to clean the environment but also to leave a lasting impact on the community’s environmental consciousness. 


During the Green Warriors event, the AJYELN team achieved the following outcomes. 

1) Through the cleaning initiative, together we created a cleaner and more comfortable environment to
  live in.  

2) The awareness campaign successfully enhanced the community’s understanding of proper waste
  disposal practices, fostering awareness of the positive impacts of responsible waste management.  

3) The empowerment activities for participants and the local community around the soccer tournament
  instilled an active and responsible attitude toward the environment, turning them into agents of
  positive change. 

Number of participants

Participants in the Green Warriors event include the AJYELN Indonesia team, students from Seribu Bukit Public High School, and the local community. 


The AJYELN Indonesia team, students from Seribu Bukit Public High School, and the local community provided various positive responses to the Green Warriors activity. Here are some gathered feedback: 

1) Environmental Awareness Improvement
  Participants stated that the activity effectively increased their awareness of the importance of
  maintaining environmental cleanliness and the benefits of proper waste disposal practices. 

2) Physical Environment Changes
  Some participants noted visible physical changes after the cleanup initiative, creating a cleaner and
  more comfortable environment. 

3) Participant Empowerment 
  The AJYELN Indonesia team and students from Seribu Bukit Public High School welcomed the
  empowerment activities, expressing that they felt more engaged and responsible for environmental

4) Integration with Soccer Tournament 
  Participants expressed appreciation for the integration of activities with the soccer tournament,
  considering it a creative way to convey environmental messages to a broader audience. 

5) Positive Community Relationships
  Feedback indicated the formation of positive relationships between students from Seribu Bukit Public
  High School and the local community, creating potential for ongoing collaboration.  

6) Desire for Sustainable Activities
  Many participants expressed a desire to see similar activities conducted on an ongoing basis,
  creating a larger positive impact on the community.

Green Warriors, together with AJYELN Indonesia fellows, students from Seribu Bukit Public High School, and the local community, successfully achieved its goa

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