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AJYELN Indonesia Fellows Conducted a Socialization Event to Raise Awareness About the Importance of Combating Plastic Waste Among 273 High School Students in Aceh, Indonesia

Figure 1. The AJYELN Indonesia Fellows together with high school students in their school

The socialization activity to raise awareness among the younger generation about the importance of addressing plastic waste took place on October 20, 2023, at the auditorium of SMA Negeri Seribu Bukit, from 09:00 to 11:15. We invited external schools that have previously received our posters and extended invitations to teachers and all students in our school. Our primary goal was to create awareness about the dangers of plastic waste and to help students understand the solutions to the plastic waste problem, which poses a significant environmental threat. 

Figure 2. Students from other schools who participated in the poster distribution event also joined in the socialization activity.

Details of the event

The steps we took to organize the socialization and raise awareness among the younger generation about the dangers of plastic waste are as follows:

  1. Planning the Content: The first step is to have discussions to plan the content that will be presented during the socialization. We ensure that the material is informative and relevant. 
  2. Setting the Agenda: Next, we carefully arrange the event agenda, planning every activity to be carried out during the socialization. 
  3. Preparation of Facilities and Equipment: We prepare all the equipment and facilities necessary for the event. This includes shopping for items that will be used as door prizes. 
  4. Invitations to Schools and Organizations: We send invitations to schools outside our area and to youth organizations, urging them to attend the socialization event. 
  5. Conducting the Socialization: On the day of the event, we carry out the socialization according to the planned agenda, providing information to participants and interacting with them to ensure maximum understanding. 
  6. Evaluation and Follow-up: After the event concludes, we conduct an evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the socialization. We also plan follow-up actions, including strategies for maintaining awareness and fostering sustainable actions related to the dangers of plastic waste. 

With these steps, we hope to achieve our primary goal of raising awareness among the younger generation about the dangers of plastic waste and encouraging more sustainable actions to address this issue.

Figure 3. Student participants also receive some token from the AJYELN Indonesia Fellows. 

Key findings

  1. Active Participation: The event witnessed active participation from external schools, teachers, and students from our school. Their engagement highlighted the importance of the issue. 
  2. Effective Communication: The carefully planned content and agenda resulted in effective communication of information about plastic waste dangers and solutions. 
  3. Well-equipped Arrangements: The event’s success was facilitated by thorough preparation, including the provision of necessary facilities and equipment. 
  4. Interconnected Participation: Inviting external schools and youth organizations fostered a sense of interconnectedness among different institutions, promoting a unified effort against plastic waste. 
  5. Highly Informative: The socialization event was highly informative, and participants left with a better understanding of the plastic waste issue and potential solutions. 
  6. Post-Event Evaluation: The commitment to post-event evaluation and follow-up strategies reflects a long-term perspective and a desire for sustained impact. 

By assessing these observations and findings, we can conclude that the socialization event effectively achieved its primary goal of raising awareness and fostering more sustainable actions to combat plastic waste.

Figure 4. A student responding to the question posted by the team. 


Through this socialization event, we observed several significant outcomes: 

  1. Increased Awareness: The event effectively heightened awareness among students about the dangers of plastic waste, including issues related to microplastics and environmental pollution. 
  2. Acknowledgment of Personal Impact: Students recognized their role in contributing to plastic pollution and became more conscious of their actions, such as recycling practices. 
  3. Practical Solutions: The event provided practical solutions to students to address plastic pollution, empowering them to take action in their daily lives. 

These outcomes reflect the success of the socialization event in achieving its goal of increasing awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility among the younger generation in combating plastic waste. The program contributes to a more informed and environmentally conscious community. 

Number of participants

The participants we invited are the students we had visited when distributing posters, as well as all the students in our school. 


  1. Positive Engagement: The event successfully engaged external schools, our own students, and teachers. Their active participation highlighted the importance of plastic waste issues. 
  2. Effective Communication: Carefully prepared content and agenda ensured effective communication about the dangers of plastic waste and its solutions. 
  3. Thorough Preparation: Meticulous preparations, including providing necessary facilities and equipment, contributed to the success of the event. 
  4. Highly Valuable Information: The socialization event was highly informative, leaving participants with a better understanding of plastic waste issues and potential solutions. 

Overall, the feedback from the event indicates its success in achieving its primary goals. The event effectively increased awareness, promoted responsible actions, and empowered the younger generation to address plastic waste. It also fostered collaboration and information exchange among various institutions, contributing to a more environmentally conscious community. 

Students’ answers in the pre-survey

 Students’ answers in the post-survey


The socialization event successfully raised awareness about the importance of combating plastic waste among the younger generation. Active participation, effective communication, and practical solutions were key highlights. The event’s positive outcomes contribute to a more informed and environmentally conscious community. 

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