List of public holidays in Indonesia

in 2024

DateName of public holidays
January 1New Year’s Day 
February 8Israk Miraj
February 9Government-decreed holidays
February 10Imlek (Chinese New Year)
March 11Nyepi*1, Balinese Saka New Year
March 12Government-decreed holidays
March 29Good Friday
March 31Easter
April 8 – 9Government-decreed holidays
April 10 – 11Idul Fitri
April 12Government-decreed holidays
April 15Government-decreed holidays
May 1Labor Day
May 9Ascension of Christ
May 10Government-decreed holidays
May 23Waisak
May 24Government-decreed holidays
June 1Pancasila Day
June 17Idul Adha
June 18Government-decreed holidays
July 7Moslem New Year
August 17Independence Day
September 16Anniversary of the birth of Prophet Mohammad
December 25Christmas
December 26Government-decreed holidays

*Holidays are subject to change due to local conditions.
*1 “Nyepi” is the Balinese New Year in the Saka calendar. Please note that airports and ports will be closed.
Reference: Cabinet Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia