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AJYELN Malaysia Fellows, BeachBud Visit MRANTI Makers Lab in Kuala Lumpur

Date: 26th June 2023

Event: Visit to MRANTI’s Makers Lab, Kuala Lumpur

AJYELN fellows namely Team BeachBud from SMK Aminuddin Baki, embarked on a visit to MRANTI’s Makers Lab in Kuala Lumpur on June 26 to learn and interact with innovation experts and identify a suitable 3D printing service provider for their prototype. MRANTI, short for Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation, is the country’s leading government organization for innovation and supporter for digital start-ups.

Key Achievements

Engaging with Malaysia’s leading innovators to help develop our own prototype for BeachUp

The team had productive discussions with about 10 MRANTI employees, including Community Engagement Directors. They received valuable feedback during discussions. It was emphasized that building a small-scale functioning prototype is essential for conducting experimental tests and data collection. Additionally, a thorough understanding of wire connections, from sensors to the overall project mechanism, was highlighted as a critical aspect of BeachUp’s development.

Skill-building with Tinkercad

During the visit, the team was introduced to Tinkercad, an online platform that offers a versatile environment for creating 3D models and wire connections for various projects. This discovery holds promise for enhancing project development processes and can be utilized for the development of BeachUp’s prototype.

The team had the opportunity to explore various spaces within MRANTI’s Makers Lab, and gained insights into different structures and materials that could be 3D printed. A showroom displaying a diverse array of impressive 3D printed models was a particular highlight. This was followed by an informative presentation providing an overview of MRANTI Makers Lab’s past achievements and future plans. This presentation underscored MRANTI’s capabilities and vision. The visit also included engaging in in-depth discussions with staff from MRANTI. These discussions were instrumental in refining the direction of the project and harnessing the expertise available at MRANTI.

Figure 2: Discussion with Mr Ramesh Pillai, Community Engagement Director at MRANTI. 

The visit to MRANTI’s Makers Lab, proved to be an invaluable experience for the BeachUp team. It enabled them to achieve their objectives of identifying a 3D printing service provider and engaging in meaningful discussions with MRANTI regarding project “BeachUp.” The discovery of Tinkercad, the interactions with MRANTI staff, and the received feedback have positioned the project for success. The team expresses its gratitude for the warm hospitality and valuable insights shared by the MRANTI team.

Figure 3: Meeting with Mr. Yusof. A member of MRANTI’s team with whom the students had comprehensive discussions regarding their projects, providing invaluable technical advice for their ongoing project. 

The knowledge gained and connections established during this visit are expected to have a profound impact on the project’s development, making this visit a significant milestone in the journey towards project success.

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