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ASEAN Class at Onarimon Elementary School

ASEAN-Japan Centre conducted ASEAN Class at Onarimon Elementary School (Minato-city, Tokyo)on 20 February 2024.  This elementary school is located near the AJC office, and we have been conducting exchange activities for more than 10 years.

Key takeaways:

  • 86% of approximately 500 students responded that they would like to share the contents of the class with their families and others, showing an increase of interest in ASEAN. 
  • The class was divided into two parts, with a lecture on a unique theme for each grade, followed by an opportunity to experience Southeast Asian sports and games. 
  • The students were able to learn about the differences between Japan and the ASEAN Member States with surprises, such as “Thai elementary schools have nap time,” “Vie Nam has no elections,” and “30% of water in Singapore is recycled”. 
  • For sports and games, the AJC prepared Cambodian game “Whisper Flower”, Lao Basalop Dance, Sepaktakraw (also called Chinlong) which is widely enjoyed in the ASEAN region, Vietnamese Foot Badminton (Da Cau), and Bamboo Dance (Tiniklin) from the Philippines. The students were able to enjoy themselves by physical exercises.  
  • Lectures and sports/games were led by ASEAN national staff membersof the AJC. 

Comments from students:

  • I learned Thai language for the first time. I learned a lot about Thai schools. I would like to play Cambodia’s Whisper Flower with friends. I also want to teach Cambodian dance to my family (1st grader) 
  • Thank you so much for sharing about ASEAN. I could understand the differences and the similarities between Japan and ASEAN countries.  I would like to dance again. (2nd grader) 
  • Thank you very much for teaching me many things about Cambodia today. I also want to know about other countries. Please teach us again! (3rd grader) 
  • Today, I learned about Singapore’s measures against flash floods, and Lao dance that I enjoyed very much. I was dancing during lunch break too. I want to teach it to my family and others (4th grader) 
  • Thank you very much for teaching me about the Philippines and various games. I was not so interested in the Philippines at first, but after listening to your talk, I feel like I want to visit the Philippines. (5th grader) 
  • I was not interested in ASEAN countries before, but after taking the class, I became interested in the culture and sports of ASEAN countries. (5th grader) 
  • I learned a lot about Vietnamese society and want to find out more. I had a lot of fun doing Bamboo Dance today! I would like to play with more difficult ways of jumping! I ate Pho before, and it was so delicious that I want to try other dishes! I want to visit Vietnam! I like Vietnam more now! (6th grader) 

About the event

Date: 20, February 2024
Venue: Onarimon Elementary School

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