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Kansai Familiarization Trip for Singapore Startups

The ASEAN–Japan Centre (AJC), co-organized with Enterprise Singapore Office in Tokyo, brought 6 Singapore startups from various sectors, such as healthcare, software development, vending machines, to visit Japanese companies and create business networking with potential stakeholders in the Kansai region (Osaka and Kobe City) during 7 – 10 November 2023.

Explore Kansai region’s business ecosystem

Singapore startups had a good chance to gain insights into business ecosystem of the Kansai region and, to identify entry points where to turn to for further assistance. Singapore startups can form connections with relevant stakeholders in the Kansai region which can pave the way for them to more specific stakeholders with business collaborations in the future.

Singapore startups’ exposure to Japanese partners

Singapore startups have some level of global exposure with some already having branches in Tokyo. This allows Japanese stakeholders to be more eager and interested to pursue introductions and discuss potential collaborations.

ASEAN-Japan Centre will continue working with Enterprise Singapore in Tokyo to follow up with the Singapore startups for their business collaborations with Japanese stakeholders in the Kansai region. We will implement new activities to bridge more startups from ASEAN Member States to Japanese enterprises, and vice versa to promote partnership for change.

Kansai Familiarization Trip for Singapore Startups

Organizer: ASEAN-Japan Centre (AJC)
Co-Organizer: Enterprise Singapore Office in Tokyo
Date: 7-10 November 2023
Visiting Sites: Osaka city and Kobe city (Hyōgo prefecture) 
Singapore Startups: 6 (vending machines, healthcare, software development, etc.)  
Japanese Counterparts Visited: 3 stakeholders, and participants of networking sessions hosted by co-organizers, Kobe Chamber of Commerce, and private sectors in Kobe and Osaka. 

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