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“Introducing Thai Products in Japan” YouTuber KinyuuD x ASEAN-Japan Centre x DITP Collaboration Videos

Perhaps some of you recognized the KinyuuD, the famous Thai-Japanese couple introducing Japanese and Thai culture mainly through Facebook and YouTube. ASEAN-Japan Centre and the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) have collaborated with the couple to create 4-episode YouTube videos featuring Thai restaurants, fruits, edible insects, and BL series found in Tokyo.

We’ll be introducing our favorite videos (no spoilers), and we recommend all Thai or Japanese language learners looking like a way to mix up your studies.

EP1: A Japanese Trying out Insects imported from Thailand

Did you know that there are Japanese restaurants serving insect dishes? Insects are rich is protein and fiber and contribute significantly less towards our greenhouse gas emissions than other sources of animal protein. DITP and AJC have been working to increase Thai food product exposure and export to Japan. For all those foodies out there, something new for your palette?

From EP1, introducing edible insects imported from Thailand found in Japan’s discount stores.
From EP3, Dishes ordered at the Thai restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

EP2: Did you know Thailand is one of the greatest producers of BL series? And this one was fully shot in Japan!

Thailand is a great producer of BL series, loved by fans all around the world. In this YouTube video we get a behind the scenes-sneak peak of “Kiseki Chapter 2” produced by 9NAA Production, exclusive interviews of the actors, and clips from the networking event hosted by DITP for Thai BL production companies to connect with Japanese, and other foreign companies or distributors.  The prequel of the series, Chapter 1 is set to come out soon. It was also created with the intention to support BL series from Thailand and Japan.

From EP2, Speech by Mr. Pornvit Sila-On, Deputy Director-General of DITP at the networking event day 1.
From EP2, Speech by Worarit Ninklom, CEO and Director of 9NAA Production (the company shooting “Kiseki Chapter 2”, featured in the episode) on day 2 of the networking event.

EP3: Introducing restaurants selected by the Thai government

Introducing restaurants in Japan selected by the Thai government where you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine. “Thai Select” showcases dishes and restaurants where you can savor the authentic flavors approved even by former J-League players from Thailand.

EP4: Introducing Thai fruits

We are showcasing Thai pineapple and banana, which are also available for consumption in Japan.

Way Forward

ASEAN-Japan Centre will continue working closely with DITP Tokyo Office, the Office of Commercial Affairs Royal Thai Embassy in Japan to promote Thai products ensuring the best interest for Japanese consumers and Thai exporters and contribute to green growth. Furthermore, we will continue to promote people-to-people relationships between the two countries in terms of media and culture, which this activity has shown great potential to.

About the Activity

Dates: 8th (Wed.)-10th (Fri.) November 2023
Project Title: “Business Chance for Thai Products in Japanese Market”
Activity: To Introduce Thai Products in Japanese Market on Facebook and YouTube Channel “KinyuuD”
Collaborators: ASEAN-Japan Centre; the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, Thailand
Product: Four 12–17-minute videos on YouTube and Facebook

YouTube Videos

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