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The ASEANPEDIA Event at the “Sunshine City World Friends Festa”

Interaction between event supporters from ASEAN countries and Timore-Leste and visitors

The event supporters (mainly students) from ASEAN countries and Timore-Leste welcomed visitors to the venue, where they could try on ethnic costumes, make their own badges using motifs related to ASEAN countries, play with coloring sheets, and experience Myanmar’s natural cosmetic ‘Thanakha.’ They also had the opportunity to interact and talk with each other while playing with Southeast Asian toys such as Chongkha, Chinlong and Dhakaw. The event allowed the event supporters and the visitors to physically meet, talk, and play together and provided an opportunity to develop mutual interests.

Watching and experiencing Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Cambodian dance

Cultural performances and workshops were held on each day, with Indonesian dance and rindik (musical instrument) performances on Day 1, Vietnamese bamboo dance Nyai Sap on Day 2 and Cambodian traditional dance performance on Day 3. After watching and listening to the performers in their gorgeous costumes explain about the dances and their countries, visitors enjoyed the dances together. By moving their own bodies, they were able to interact with the dancers and learn about the characteristics and difficulties of the dances.

About the event

The ASEAN-Japan Centre (AJC) held the ASEANPEDIA Event at the Sunshine City World Friends Festa from 3 to 5 November at Sunshine City SOLARIUM on the 3rd floor of ALPA, the Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The exhibition attracted approximately 200 visitors of all ages each day, including families with roots in Southeast Asian countries, families with small children and young people who came to enjoy talking with the event supporters (mostly students from ASEAN countries) and experiencing culture in order to develop an international outlook.

In Toshima Ward, where Sunshine City is located at, around 10% of the population is foreign. This event was initiated by the Sunshine City employees’ who wish to “promote mutual understanding of multiculturalism among people in the area by holding events that expose them to various cultures and languages, and to make them feel attached to Toshima Ward.” The collaboration of the AJC and Sunshine City was also made possible by the fact that this year marks the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation and that the AJC had an office in the Sunshine City World Import Mart Building when it was first established in 1981.

The AJC organized this event to promote and raise awareness of the ASEAN-Japan 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation as well as ASEAN.

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