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Participation in “ASEAN-Japan Environment Week to Commemorate 50th Anniversary in Lao PDR”

The ASEAN-Japan Centre participated in the ASEAN-Japan Environment Week to Commemorate the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation on 22 -24 August 2023 in Lao PDR. The Environment Week was co-organized by Ministry of the Environment of Japan, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Lao PDR and ASEAN Secretariat to provide business opportunities in the environmental business sector between Japan and ASEAN.

The Centre managed a promotional booth to introduce our projects on environmental business as well as education and also joined the pitching session to make a short presentation for all participants from Japan and ASEAN Member States on promoting the connection and linkage between business sectors to solve environmental issues.

As one of the follow-up actions for the ASEAN-Japan Business Linkages to Promote Circular Economy in FY2022, the Centre organized pre-matched and on the spot Business-to-Business matching to link ‘Needs’ in Lao PDR with ‘Seeds (solution by technology)’ by Japanese companies and Lao companies.

Key Takeaways

Technological solution for regional specific issues

During the Environment Week, through Business-to-Business matching on the recycling and effective use of wood chips, which is one of the waste recycling issues uniquely in Lao PDR, we found that there is a very high potential for Japanese companies’ technology in terms of Waste to Energy.

Logistic cost efficiency

In Lao PDR, trade business still faced the issue of higher logistics costs compared to neighboring countries, although the logistics costs currently tend to be stable by the recent spread of high-speed railways. For logistical efficiency, there might be potentials for Japanese companies and technologies to enter the market.

‘Blue ocean’ in investment opportunities for pioneer

In Lao PDR and other ASEAN member countries, there are still some opportunities to start new business as a pioneer in the non-competitive business sector, or ‘blue ocean’ so-called, despite of need to develop new regulations among stakeholders

Way Forward

The Centre will continue to provide opportunities for potential Japanese businesses to expand their innovative technologies in ASEAN to solve the regional specific challenges, including encouraging them to join business exhibition and matchings in ASEAN.

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