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Seminar: Educational Travel to ASEAN 2023

The ASEAN-Japan Centre and the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) co-organized a seminar titled “Educational Travel to ASEAN 2023” on 2nd August 2023. The objective of the seminar was to promote ASEAN as destination for educational trip for schools and travel agents by providing updated information of educational programs and travel situations. The seminar was conducted in hybrid manner, and attended by 30 participants on site, and 70 online.

Total of six national tourism offices and airline company of ASEAN Member States presented their country as educational travel destination, by sharing technical travel information, tourism resources and educational programs.

Below are some examples introduced by each country:

Sustainability educational programs, team-building, cultural exchange, nature-experience programs at a green school in Bali, Eco-farm in Bintang island, mangrove planting

Kampong visit (homestay in local cities), programs to learn Islamic culture, SDGs programs, unique border crossing experience between Malaysia and Singapore

English learning programs that combine online and offline lessons, ESL courses customized
for purpose and target

Sustainability programs in various facilities in Sentosa, NEWater (water purification

Peace study, history or heritage-themed travel, Exchange programs through sports, study at
international schools, 17 Sustainable Tourism Goals of Tourism Authority of Thailand,
Community-based Tourism
<Viet Nam>
Peace study through history of Vietnam War, nature programs, exchange with local schools or students, world heritage sites which has historical connection with Japan, academic-industrial collaboration with Japanese businesses in Viet Nam


Voice of participants

According to the survey conducted after the seminar, 93% of respondents evaluated this seminar as informative. As for the current handling of educational travel to overseas, 22% stated “already in planning” and 34% stated “in consideration”.
The survey also revealed that “cost” was the most deciding factor for overseas educational travel, followed by “availability of school exchange program” and “security/safety”.

All respondents answered ASEAN as “Very suitable” or “Suitable” for educational travels, proving that ASEAN Member States could be desirable destinations for future educational travel market.

At the seminar venue, consultation sessions were also arranged for on-site participants by each country. Educational travel to ASEAN is expected to be on the rise for promotion of ASEAN-Japan exchanges.

The recording of the webinar is available here (

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