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Webinar on the result of the youth survey on sustainable/ASEAN tourism

The ASEAN-Japan Centre conducted a survey for Japanese Generation Z and millennials to find their awareness and interest in SDGs, sustainable tourism, and how they view the ASEAN Member States as travel destinations.

The survey report (in Japanese) has been published on the website, and the Centre conducted a webinar to share the survey results.

Time and Date:10:30-12:00  Tuesday, 14 March 2023  


  1. Report on the survey results – Mr. Naohiro Fukawa, Director, INDIGO LLC 
  2. Panel discussion
  • Ms. Michiko Saeki, Marketing Manager, Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, Tokyo Office
  • Ms. Jennifer Yamamoto, Manager/PR & Marketing, Department of Tourism, Tokyo Office
  • Mr. Yoshiaki Fujimura, Marketing Manager, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Tokyo Office

Number of viewers – about 70 persons mostly from travel agents and tourism industry

Mr. Fukawa briefed the audiences on the recent Japanese outbound travel market as well as outcome of the survey. Following the report, a panel discussion was conducted whereby officers from National Tourism Office of Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand introduced their sustainable tourism efforts. All three countries mentioned that they actively use social media for the youth market and placed importance on revitalization of local regions and communities. Additionally, they stressed the importance of visiting foreign countries while young, to know different values and cultures of other countries, as globalization is accelerating in the current world.

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