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“The Japanese Consumer Market” is now available

Discover the potential of Japan’s consumer market with the ASEAN-Japan Centre’s latest report, “The Japanese Consumer Market – Opportunities for ASEAN and Insights for Growing your Business.”

Designed specifically for ASEAN SMEs looking to break into the Japanese market, this research paper provides insights into Japan’s unique consumer landscape while also offering Japanese readers a fascinating glimpse into their own market. 

Featuring essential information on Japanese consumer behavior, this report is an essential guide for ASEAN manufacturers and service providers looking to expand their businesses in Japan.

With Japan’s growing trade with ASEAN, the report explores specific business opportunities in foods, cosmetics, household goods, and even services.   

Japan’s market channels including e-commerce portals like Rakuten and Amazon Japan are also presented.

As Japan emerges from the pandemic, tourism is also seen as another growth area, increasing demand for ethnic food, restaurants, and hospitality services, Being a sophisticated and complex market, the report recommends following an export roadmap starting with an assessment of the opportunity for your business considering your target customers in Japan.

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