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AJC conducted a workshop at the “All Together Festival,” where AJC Supporters and participants create dessert menus that incorporate each other’s cultures

“Learning, Talking, and Thinking Together!” The workshop focused on “communication” and “co-creation” to promote cross-cultural understanding

The workshop began with an overview of ASEAN and its relationship to daily life in Japan, followed by group work in nine groups made from about 30 participants and ACJ Supporters (ASEAN nationals studying or working in Japan) from nine countries. Each group discussed the culture of each other’s country, and at the end, they came up with a dessert that incorporate the other’s culture, which they presented as a drawing. Although some of the AJC Supporters are not fluent in Japanese, they communicated with the participants by showing each other photos, exchanging information, and using interpreters.

Promoting the concept of “co-creation,” the keyword for future ASEAN-Japan cooperation

The term “co-creation” was used as a keyword for future ASEAN-Japan cooperation at the Commemorative Summit for the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation held in Tokyo last December. The workshop aimed to create an enjoyable “co-creation” experience for AJC Supporters and participants.

Many ideas for ASEAN-Japan collaboration desserts were created

The ideas include Taiyaki (fish-shaped cake) with lots of bananas, which one participant came up with after learning that most bananas imported to Japan come from ASEAN countries; a strawberry shortcake with a layer of pandan leaf (a plant with a unique aroma and green color that is often used in Southeast Asian sweets) and coconut-flavored sponge; Daifuku with lots of mango; and a fruit bowl in a durian shell and etc.

All Together Festival

The “All Together Festival” was organized for the first time by the Ministry of Justice and Immigration Services Agency on Sunday, January 21. The theme of the event was ” Enjoy! Learn! World Cultures and a Society of Harmonious Coexistence.” AJC hosted a workshop “ASEAN-Japan Café?! Let’s create a dessert menu with our friends from the ASEAN Member States!” in which the AJC supporters and participates worked together to create dessert menu incorporating each other’s culture. About 30 people of all ages participated in the workshop.

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