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Instagram Live – introduced tourism attractions of Thailand

ASEAN-Japan Centre conducted a livestream event to introduce tourism attractions of Thailand on 17 May 2022.

Thailand was one of the countries that reopened its borders to international travelers early, and the country is attracting people’s attention as their next travel destination.  Updates and attractions of Thailand and the ASEAN Member States were introduced on the Instagram account of TabiMuse (, whose majority of 40,000 followers are female millennials who love to travel.  The Instagram live was viewed by about 500 people.

Watch the archive video (in Japanese only)


1ASEAN-Japan Centre  (
Updates on the immigration information of the ASEAN Member States.
2Ms. Omori, Tourism Authority of Thailand
Introduction of popular spots for taking “instagrammable photos” as well as the latest immigration information of Thailand.
3Ms. Nonomura, Valise Inc. 
Ms. Nonomura, CEO of Valise Inc., a company that operates TabiMUSE, shared about her recent trip to Bangkok in early May.  Based on her own experience, Ms. Nonomura explained the immigration process to enter Thailand, and how she enjoyed hotel life in Bangkok as well as restaurants in the area.

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