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Instagram Live – introduced tourism attractions of Lao PDR and Brunei Darussalam

ASEAN-Japan Centre conducted livestream events to introduce tourism attractions of Lao PDR on 23 March 2022 and Brunei Darussalam on 30 March 2022. 

Instagram account of TabiMuse (, whose majority of 40,000 followers are female millennials who love to travel, was the platform of the event.  Instagram has been used by many young people to post and collect travel information in Japan, and the two live events were viewed by more than 600 people. 

Program (Lao PDR) 
  1. ASEAN-Japan Centre  (  Basic country information and introduction of the three World Heritage sites. 

  2. Ms. May (Thammavong Viphasada)  Introduction of hotels and attractions of Vang Vieng which has become much more accessible with the recent opening of a highway and railway, as well as nature-rich Khammouane province.  She shared attractions of those destinations by showing photos which she took during her recent visit to the areas.   

3. Ms. Naomi Hama   Introduced “Koi suru Laos” a book which was published in October 2021 and is much-talked-about among Lao fans. 

Archive article of the event 
Archive video 

Program (Brunei Darussalam) 
  1. ASEAN-Japan Centre  Basic country information 

  1. Ms. Saori Kamei   Ms. Kamei has lived in Brunei Darussalam for eight years.  She introduced a hotel in the tropical forest which is uniquely Brunei where unspoiled nature exists; an accommodation in Kg. Ayer (Water Village); the Empire Brunei, which is often dubbed as “the seven-star hotel”.  She also highlighted cafés and food. 

Archive video 

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