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Instagram Live – Viet Nam’s tourism attractions

ASEAN-Japan Centre conducted a livestream event to introduce tourism attractions of Viet Nam on 28 October 2021.

An Instagram account TabiMuse (, whose majority of 40,000 followers are female millennials who love to travel, was the platform of the event.  Instagram has been used by many young people to post and collect travel information in Japan, and the Viet Nam Instagram Live was viewed by about 800 people.


1.  ASEAN-Japan Centre  (
Overall introduction of Viet Nam and tourism attractions of different areas

2.  Vietnam Airlines (  
Lockdown status of major cities, tentative schedule of border reopening

3. Tara (   
Her favorite hotels, cafes and useful Instagram accounts to collect Viet Nam travel information

Archive video of the event
Featured article (in Japanese)

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