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AJC organized “CLMV Travel Sentiment Survey” webinar

ASEAN-Japan Centre organized a 2-day webinar “CLMV (Cambodia/Lao PDR/Myanmar/Viet Nam) Travel Sentiment Survey – strategic post-pandemic approaches to attract Japanese female millennials” on 21 & 22 June 2021. 

The webinar was organized to share the results of the CLMV travel sentiment survey the AJC conducted in January 2021, for Japanese female Instagram users in 20s and 30s.  Ms. Yui Hiramatsu, Manager, Marketing Solution Dept., Valise Inc, who was commissioned to conduct the survey delivered the presentation.  

Cambodia and Lao PDR were highlighted on 21 June, followed by Myanmar and Viet Nam on 22 June.  Interesting results of the survey were introduced such as characteristics of each country and points for improvement, how Japanese female travelers use Instagram to gather information.  Many specific questions were asked during the Q&A session such as the appropriate number of hashtags for one post, what kind of posts are considered appealing to young women, whether there were any changes in travel posts on Instagram after the pandemic, and so on.  

The webinars were viewed by 291 people and were also delivered in English through simultaneous interpretation. 

CLMV Travel Sentiment Survey report in PDF

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