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Special content “50 Mindful Travel in ASEAN” launched

The ASEAN-Japan Centre launched a special content “50 Mindful Travel in ASEAN” in a travel website “Travel in Life” to commemorate the 50th years of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation. The content is in Japanese language only.

Amid the rise of the care for finite resources, potential travelers are starting to be more aware of the need for sustainable tourism to protect the environment and respect the local culture and communities.

While welcoming tourists from all over the world, the tourism sector in the ASEAN Member States is heading towards sustainable tourism development.

This website introduces 50 mindful travel ideas in five categories of “Learn” “Play” “Stay” “Eat” “Buy” that were selected with cooperation of National Tourism Offices of ASEAN based on their care for environment, history, culture, and benefit to the communities.

50 Mindful Travel in ASEAN

*There is no standardized sustainability measurement in the ASEAN Member States at this moment.

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