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Train the Trainer Program

At the request of the governments of ASEAN and Japan, the ASEAN-Japan Centre (AJC) launched a project with a special focus on the marine plastic waste problem, which was taken up as a priority issue in multilateral frameworks, such as the G20 and the Japan-ASEAN Summit.

In 2020, AJC launched the “Future Leaders’ Declaration on ASEAN-Japan Cooperation for International Marine Plastic Waste” by the 22 students from Japan and ASEAN, known as “Future Leaders”.

In 2021, the “ASEAN-Hiroshima Eco-School for Marine Plastic Waste Education” was conducted as a pilot programme consisting of online classes taught by the “Future Leaders” from ASEAN and Japan, with the aim of implementing the recommendations in Clause 18 (Education and awareness) and Clause 24 (Youth Engagement) of the Declaration.

In 2022, the “ASEAN-Japan Eco-school” succeeded the “ASEAN-Hiroshima Eco-School” and continues to conduct lectures on marine plastic waste education to elementary and high school students in ASEAN and Japan. In the same year, AJC aims to expand the reach of the previous projects and develop trainers who can educate their peers on marine plastic waste, through an online course called “Train the Trainer.” This program is intended for individuals in public and private sectors, especially the education sector, and create an informal pool of educators, who will promote awareness and knowledge on the issue of marine plastic waste in ASEAN and Japan. 

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Guidebook on Marine Plastic Waste for Educators : Train the Trainer Guide Book

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